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Welcome to the 10th year of Val Mahnic Daylilies!


The past 10 years has seen a lot of changes to the gardens.  There have been additions made to the maze to add room for all the seedlings, which may be viewed in the Daylily Seedlings section.  There were over 100 that bloomed for the first time ever last year and it felt like Christmas!  It was very exciting for me to see the results of the crosses.  This year will be spent evaluating some of them to see which ones will be registered and named.

Last Summer and Fall was spent putting in a Butterfly Hummingbird garden behind the house.  It was a tremendous amount of work mainly because I am the only one doing it.  Crabapple trees, Service Berry Bushes, Japanese Quince, Ornamental Grasses, Hydrangea, Peonies, Junipers, Roses, Magnolias, Weeping Larch, Barberries, Wegelia, Ninebark, Blackberries, Clematis, Elderberries, Daphne, Viburnums, Phlox, Lavender, Rose of Sharon, Rose Mallow, Butterfly weed and of course Butterfly Bushes plus Daylilies naturally!  There is a lot more that went in but the ones listed are just from what I can remember.  Pictures will be posted once I get the mulch down to finish.  My gardens are a work in progress always. That is what makes them interesting.

On top of all this I also work at Little Tree Garden Market in Fergus four days a week plus have my own clients that I help during the growing season.  A true plant addict through and through but I love it!



 Please note** 

I am currently updating so bear with me as some of the pics and information may not be posted yet.  Thanks!